Our ESG Story

Guided by our Core Values, we're integrating environment, social and governance (ESG) elements into our business.

We commit to operating a safe and reliable system, delivering cost-effective solutions, and managing our environmental footprint as we create long-term value for our stakeholders.

Our commitment to ESG means:

  • Upholding our Core Values and operating with purpose towards a shared mission
  • Providing safe and reliable service – safety is job number one
  • Protecting the environment and minimizing our impact through the lifecycle of our operations, including actively reducing GHG emissions 
  • Investing in our people and culture – building one company and one team
  • Being the energy service partner of choice for our customers
  • Investing in our communities and building capacity
  • Building long-term relationships with Indigenous Peoples, local communities, governments and regulatory bodies
  • Sound leadership and oversight with clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Robust risk management practices and disciplined capital deployment

ESG Reporting

We publish regular ESG reports and updates to keep our stakeholders informed of our ESG performance.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Maintaining strong relationships with our employees, investors, customers, as well as our community, Indigenous and government partners – is critical to our business success.

Starting early in the development of a project, we engage in discussions with local communities to gain a solid understanding of the region and to learn about the priorities, interests and concerns of our project stakeholders.

Ongoing communication with our stakeholders is critical to informing our community consultation, strategy development, and risk management activities, and ensuring we approach our work in a responsible way that creates social value where we operate.

Learn more about our current initiatives and goals in our 2023 ESG Report.

2023 ESG Report

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