On April 1, 1994, AltaGas Services Inc. began operations in Calgary with two services contracts and 21 employees who shared a vision of building a western Canadian midstream business. Today, more than 1,600 people are working to grow AltaGas Ltd. to be a leading North American energy infrastructure company.

In 1994, the Gas business segment took its first steps, supported by two short-term services contracts. Twenty four years later, the segment annually conducts transactions involving more than 700 billion cubic feet of gas.

The Utilities segment, which started with 53,000 customers in Alberta in 1998, now provides safe and reliable natural gas distribution service to more than 10 times that number in Canada and the United States.

The Power segment was developed in 2001 and now operates 1,708 megawatts of clean generation in five fuel types.

AltaGas started with a small, but highly qualified, team, choosing to concentrate on market niches. An accumulated knowledge of the industry and a willingness to consider a broad range of assets has allowed AltaGas to make decisions quickly. Through changing environments, AltaGas has created ever-increasing levels of shareholder and social value. It has grown beyond its Alberta base, with business interests in six Canadian provinces and territories and five American states. AltaGas has become a trusted partner in the communities in which it operates by building relationships and making meaningful contributions to the quality of life in those communities.

The abundance of natural gas and growing demand for clean energy are providing future growth opportunities across all areas of AltaGas’ business. There are new opportunities to invest in natural gas processing capacity and to provide customers with access to new markets. AltaGas is positioned to build new infrastructure to support drilling activity in liquids-rich areas, to power communities with clean energy in North America, and to deliver clean and affordable energy to end users.