New Suppliers

Working with AltaGas

Suppliers and contractors play an important role in how AltaGas conducts its business. AltaGas maintains a rigorous supplier management program to ensure that qualified, competent, and competitive suppliers and contractors are selected to provide goods or services to AltaGas

Interested in working with AltaGas?

To be considered as a supplier with AltaGas, please review the following two-step process.

Step 1

Step 2

  • AltaGas’ supply chain team will review the submitted information and will keep it on file for consideration for future work based on the capabilities that match our business needs. You may be contacted if AltaGas wishes to establish a business relationship and you may be asked to begin the pre-qualification process.
  • Due to the high volume of submissions received, only suppliers of interest will be contacted.

Please note that providing AltaGas with your business information or successfully completing the pre-qualification process in no way obligates AltaGas to provide work or enter into a contractual relationship with any supplier. AltaGas may determine in its sole discretion whether to enter into discussions with any supplier, whether or not such supplier completes registration with ISN and whether or not such supplier meets any criteria set out herein. AltaGas reserves the right to amend or replace its supplier pre-qualification criteria or process without any notice to suppliers who have previously submitted information to it. By submitting your information, you authorize AltaGas to use such information for its internal purposes and to disclose such information to its agents, employees and consultants. Any information provided to AltaGas will not be returned to you.

Are you qualified?

AltaGas requires most suppliers, contractors and carriers, except in the case of specific circumstances, to be pre-qualified. All suppliers, contractors and carriers must meet AltaGas’ qualification criteria, which include but are not limited to technical capabilities, financial strength, quality management systems, environmental plans, safety records, and other considerations as AltaGas determines necessary for the goods or services to be provided.

As part of the qualification process, suppliers will also be required to agree to comply with AltaGas terms and conditions as well as with key AltaGas Policies, including but not limited to; Code of Business Ethics, EHS policies, Drug and Alcohol polices, etc.

To support AltaGas’ supplier qualification and ongoing management requirements, AltaGas has partnered with ISNetworld. ISNetworld is an online supplier management platform, that reviews health, safety, quality, insurance, training, cybersecurity and ESG information where contractors and suppliers are evaluated based on regulatory, industry and verification of written programs and performance data to AltaGas criteria.

  • On-site suppliers, contractors and carriers must maintain a subscription to ISN with an ISN company grade of green to work on AltaGas sites.
  • For further details about ISN, please visit their website. ISN | ISNetworld | Official Site

Supplier Diversity

AltaGas is committed to a strong and diverse supplier network that provides mutual value-added relationships and supports our positive impact in the communities.

AltaGas encourages our Suppliers and Contractors to align with our Supplier Diversity Policy and to support their own Supplier Diversity initiatives to help strengthen our communities and the diverse owned businesses within the communities where we operate.

Indigenous Businesses

AltaGas encourages Indigenous participation in business opportunities that allow for meaningful employment opportunities when its activities are within or near their traditional lands.

AltaGas engages with Indigenous Groups:

  • Directly by engaging Indigenous Businesses (AltaGas considers an Indigenous Business as one in which at least 51 percent or more owned and controlled by an Indigenous person(s) (First Nations, Métis, Inuit, and mixed identities); or
  • Directly by engaging Indigenous Business Affiliates (AltaGas considers an Indigenous Business Affiliate as a joint venture or business relationship consisting of an Indigenous business and a non-Indigenous business intended to assist the Indigenous Group in participating in development activity); and
  • Indirectly by encouraging non-Indigenous suppliers to hire Indigenous individuals or Indigenous businesses on AltaGas projects.