Why Invest

AltaGas has a unique value proposition for its shareholders and we deliver on what we promise.  Here are some top reasons to invest in AltaGas:

Clear vision and strategy

Our vision is to be a leading North American diversified energy infrastructure company.

To do so, we execute opportunities created by the abundance of natural gas and the increasing global demand for clean energy, by owning and operating a diversified mix of assets in gas, power and utilities.

At AltaGas, we are focused on delivering clean and sustainable energy to meet increasing global demand.  The demand has many drivers and multidimensional solutions are necessary.  We are a multifaceted energy infrastructure company that is ready to meet that challenge.

Strong growth and yield

Over the last five years, AltaGas has grown its asset base to over $10 billion from just $3 billion at the end of 2010. We achieved this through significant construction projects:

  • Harmattan Co-Stream
  • Gordondale
  • Forrest Kerr, Volcano Creek and McLymont Creek Hydroelectric Facilities
  • Townsend

And through significant acquisitions:

  • Pacific Northern Gas
  • Blythe Energy Center
  • One-third ownership in Petrogas
  • Tracy, Hanford and Henrietta Gas-Fired Generation Plants

Over the last five years (2011 - 2016) we have also delivered a compound annual dividend growth rate of 9 percent while maintaining one of the lowest payout ratios among our peers. Providing a strong yield to our investors is a key value proposition of AltaGas.

Low-risk business platform

AltaGas’ objective is to generate superior economic returns by investing in low-risk, long-life energy infrastructure. At AltaGas we create shareholder value through diversification, having highly contracted or regulated assets and through strong counterparties.

Our three business segments, Gas, Power and Utilities have diversified technologies, are geographically dispersed and all have strong counterparties.  This provides our investors with predictable and stable cash flows and gives us the financial strength and flexibility to provide strong returns and to continue to provide balanced yield and growth.

Financial strength and discipline

Strong financial position to support growth + Successful capital allocation strategy = Shareholder value creation

At AltaGas we maintain a strong balance sheet. We have a ‘BBB’ investment grade credit rating which ensures we have ready access to capital to meet our needs. We also maintain strong liquidity with stable and predictable cash flows, and our credit facility capacity of $2 billion. We have a very manageable capital structure and a balanced long-term debt maturity provide.

At AltaGas we are disciplined in our investments and we maintain financial strength and flexibility to create shareholder value.

Proven track record

We deliver on our promises and we have a solid track record of delivering growth for our shareholders.

Over the last five years (2011 - 2016) we have delivered total shareholder return of 31%, a 6% annual return.