Minimizing our environmental impact is our responsibility and fundamental to building a strong and sustainable business for our stakeholders today and into the future.

Environmental stewardship is integrated into all elements of how we conduct our business. We focus on operational excellence to reduce environmental impacts while delivering safe, reliable energy to our customers.

Planning for the future, we use sustainable design, construction, operating and decommissioning practices throughout our business. Through innovative technologies and operational improvements, we're committed to continuously reducing our emissions.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship includes:

  • Complying with or exceeding applicable environmental laws, acts, regulations, codes and industry standards
  • Minimizing the environmental footprint of our business operations through the use of sustainable design, construction, operating and decommissioning practices
  • Engaging in practices to conserve resources through safe and efficient management of our operations
  • Monitoring our environmental performance utilizing key performance indicators, and addressing areas of concern in a timely manner
  • Educating the AltaGas workforce in proper environmental safeguarding

Learn more about our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint in our 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.