We conduct our business activities in a socially responsible and ethical manner minimizing the impact our operations and activities have on the environment.

Environmental Stewardship is a core value at AltaGas and is integrated into all elements of how we conduct our business. Protecting the environment and minimizing our impact is critical for AltaGas to maintain a sustainable business that provides for our stakeholders today and well into the future. To help ensure the responsibility and accountability for environmental protection, we educate our employees in environmental safeguarding and ensure those working on our behalf are aware of their responsibilities. We engage with our internal and external stakeholders regarding environmental matters and seek to obtain input from interested parties.

To help ensure the responsibility and accountability for environmental protection, AltaGas maintains an integrated management system, which provides a framework for how we operate. AltaGas operates using best management practices to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. By holding regular emergency response exercises and by maintaining our emergency response system, AltaGas is prepared to respond and to minimize the environmental impact if an incident were to occur.

Planning for the future, AltaGas utilizes sustainable design, construction, operating and decommissioning practices throughout our business.  Innovation at AltaGas is a key component of our environmental footprint management activities.

AltaGas is committed to:

  • Complying with or exceeding applicable environmental laws, acts, regulations, codes and industry standards;
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our business operations through the use of sustainable design, construction, operating and decommissioning practices;
  • Engaging in practices to conserve resources through safe and efficient management of our operations;
  • Monitoring our environmental performance utilizing key performance indicators, and addressing areas of concern in a timely manner; and
  • Educating the AltaGas workforce in proper environmental safeguarding.