Safety is a core value at AltaGas and is integral to how we operate.

Our commitment to Environment, Health & Safety means:

  • We put the health and safety of our people, customers and communities above all else.
  • We believe no job is so urgent that it cannot be done safely and we always act to prevent environmental, health and safety issues.
  • We proactively identify and manage risks, integrate lessons learned and best practices in our approach to the environment, health and safety.
  • We are committed to operational excellence which ensures we deliver our energy solutions safely and reliably.

Our management systems integrate a culture of safety and emergency preparedness throughout our value chain. We maintain comprehensive emergency response plans across all lines of our business and regularly conduct emergency response exercises. 

We also work closely with industry groups, communities and customers on emergency preparedness planning and involve them in our exercises. These exercises help in developing strong relationships within our communities, while facilitating understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. Learn more about how we protect our customers and the communities we serve.

A healthy, safe and inclusive workplace enables our people to do their best work. We are diligent in reinforcing a strong safety culture and embrace a mindset of continuous improvement and take great care in investing in programs to keep them safe. Learn more about how we're protecting our people

Learn more about our commitment to the safety of our people and communities in our 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.


24-Hour Emergency Line

At AltaGas, keeping our employees and the public safe is our first priority. If you smell, hear or see a problem in the vicinity of one of our pipelines or facilities, call our 24-Hour Emergency Line:

Canada: 1.866.826.3830