We conduct our business activities safely. We don't move forward until it can be done safely.

Safety is a core value at AltaGas and is integral to how we operate. It is our position that AltaGas operates all aspects of our business with the highest regard for the safety of our employees, contractors and anyone impacted by our operations. Our employees throughout Canada and the United States are responsible for exhibiting safe behaviors and for encouraging the same behaviors in others. Ownership for safety lies with each and every AltaGas employee at all levels of the organization.

AltaGas constantly evaluates its systems to identify opportunities for improvement in our safety programs.  Strong safety initiatives create positive change by continually improving how we approach safety, both at work and at home.

Each of our segments maintains a Management System that provides a framework to ensure that safety performance across the enterprise is effectively monitored and operational risks are mitigated.  While each business segment has unique operations, AltaGas’ Management System establishes the minimum standards and components each business must follow.

AltaGas works closely with industry groups, communities and customers on emergency preparedness planning. We maintain comprehensive emergency response plans across all lines of business and regularly conduct emergency response exercises.  These exercises help in developing strong relationships within our communities, while facilitating understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities.

AltaGas is committed to:

  • Monitoring our performance, utilizing key performance indicators, and addressing areas of concern in a timely manner;
  • Ensuring our employees, contractors, and visitors receive appropriate training and have the right equipment to safely do their work;
  • Understanding and effectively managing the hazards and risks associated with our business; and,
  • Engaging with our employees, regulators, industry partners and communities in which we work to continuously improve our processes and systems.

24-Hour Emergency Line

At AltaGas, keeping our employees and the public safe is our first priority. If you smell, hear or see a problem in the vicinity of one of our pipelines or facilities, call our 24-Hour Emergency Line:

Canada: 1.866.826.3830