Working with AltaGas

Importance of Suppliers

Suppliers (any organization or company that provides goods or services) play an important role in how AltaGas conducts its business. AltaGas maintains a rigorous supplier management program to ensure that qualified, competent, and competitive suppliers are selected to provide goods or services to AltaGas.

AltaGas requires most suppliers, except in the case of specific circumstances, to be prequalified. All suppliers must meet AltaGas’ qualification criteria, which include but are not limited to their technical capabilities, financial strength, quality management systems, environmental plans, safety records, and other considerations as AltaGas determines necessary for the goods or services to be provided (such as sustainability stewardship). To support AltaGas’ supplier qualification and ongoing management requirements AltaGas has partnered with Avetta (formerly known as PICS Auditing). Avetta provides third party supplier pre-qualification and management. AltaGas’ use of Avetta is anticipated to be as follows:

  • for suppliers that are already registered with Avetta, we invite you to link to AltaGas within Avetta; and
  • for suppliers who are not registered with Avetta, AltaGas requests such suppliers register with Avetta at: Avetta

As part of the qualification process, suppliers will be required to agree to comply with AltaGas terms and conditions as well as with key AltaGas Policies, including but not limited to:

  • Code of Business Ethics;
  • EHS Policies; and
  • Drug & Alcohol Policies

Indigenous Suppliers

AltaGas encourages Indigenous participation in business opportunities that allow for meaningful employment opportunity to local Indigenous communities.

AltaGas engages with Indigenous communities:

  • directly by engaging Indigenous businesses (AltaGas considers an Indigenous company as one in which at least 51% of the ownership interest of that company is owned or controlled by Indigenous or as part of an Indigenous band). Indigenous suppliers identify themselves as part of their profile within the Avetta system; and
  • indirectly by encouraging non-Indigenous suppliers to hire Indigenous individuals or service providers on AltaGas projects.

Providing Information to AltaGas

If you are a new supplier to AltaGas, or have new capabilities or products of which you would like us to be aware, please complete the New Vendor Information Form and email the form and your business information to

AltaGas will review submitted information and will keep it on file for consideration for future work based on the capabilities of the respective supplier. If AltaGas wishes to establish a business relationship with a supplier, AltaGas may ask such supplier to begin the Pre-Qualification process.

Please note that providing AltaGas with your business information or successfully completing the prequalification process in no way obligates AltaGas to provide work or enter into a contractual relationship with any supplier. AltaGas may determine in its sole discretion whether to enter into discussions with any supplier, whether or not such supplier completes registration with Avetta and whether or not such supplier meets any criteria set out herein. AltaGas reserves the right to amend or replace its supplier prequalification criteria or process without any notice to suppliers who have previously submitted information to it. By submitting your information, you authorize AltaGas to use such information for its internal purposes and to disclose such information to its agents, employees and consultants. Any information provided to AltaGas will not be returned to you.