Utilities Win National Safety Awards

April 26, 2017

AltaGas is proud to announce that two Utilities in the Company’s portfolio, Heritage Gas and AltaGas Utilities (AUI), have received safety awards from the Canadian Gas Association. These safety awards recognize companies and employees for their exemplary commitment to health and safety excellence.

“We are very proud to be recognized with these awards.” says Greg Johnston, President, AltaGas Utilities Inc. “Safety is the cornerstone of all we do at AUI. To achieve such a remarkable year behind the wheel, and to have one of our employees recognized for his efforts in keeping our customers and employees safe, demonstrates the unwavering commitment to safety held by the entire AUI workforce.”

Heritage Gas received the Corporate Safety Award for Employee Safety for their work in reducing workplace injuries and increasing vehicle safety. In 2016, Heritage Gas was injury-free.

“Our employees put safety at the centre of everything they do. That commitment to safety makes Heritage Gas a better company for our workers, our customers and our partners in the community,” said John Hawkins, interim President of Heritage Gas. “Our management team is grateful for the tremendous effort put in by our employees to make Heritage Gas a national leader in safety.”

AUI was awarded the Corporate Safety award for Vehicle Safety because of their work in reducing injury and vehicle damages at the company.

Jeff Walter, Supervisor, Quality Assurance & Damage Prevention at AUI also received the Individual Safety Leadership Award in Public Safety. This award recognizes Jeff’s great work in increasing public awareness on damage prevention. Jeff has attended various farmers' markets and community events in AUI’s service area, displaying samples of pipe and other utility lines damaged by excavating without a line locate. He also works with local greenhouses and nurseries to remind everyone to Click Before You Dig, even before undertaking routine things like planting a tree or digging a garden.

Safety is at the core of AltaGas’ business and is integral to how we operate. These awards recognize our ongoing commitment to safety and highlight our employees who continue to work hard demonstrating these values every day by creating safe and healthy work places.