With an initial seed capital investment of $37,000, AltaGas was formed on April 1, 1994. Today, our business comprises energy infrastructure assets that surpass $20 billion and span across North America. While we started in the Midstream business, we have grown and expanded into the Utilities sector where we now serve more than 1.6 million customers across the United States.

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Our long-term strategy is to drive operational excellence and achieve superior returns on invested capital in our Midstream business and maximize the returns across our Utilities. To accomplish this, we will leverage and enhance the strength of our asset footprint and provide our customers with premier, integrated solutions including global market access.

To earn the right to grow, we must reduce our environmental impact and build a strong and sustainable business for our stakeholders. Learn more about our commitment to improving our Environmental, Social and Governance performance at

AltaGas remains committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace

Randy Crawford

At AltaGas, our core values are built upon investing in and supporting our people and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

My personal commitment is to ensure that our people remain committed to support diversity, inclusion and innovative thought in our workplace and in the manner in which we operate within our communities.

A key part of our journey is improving our understanding of issues of equality and social justice and truly listening and learning from each other. In listening, we can begin to understand, and it is in understanding that we can achieve positive change.

— Randy Crawford, President and CEO, AltaGas