Vision & Strategy


To be a leading North American diversified energy infrastructure company.


To grow in attractive areas and maintain a long-term, balanced mix of energy infrastructure assets across its Gas, Power and Utility business segments. AltaGas' business strategy is underpinned by the growing demand for clean energy with natural gas as a key fuel source.

In the Gas segment, AltaGas’ strategy is to provide a fully-integrated midstream service offering to its customers across the energy value chain. As part of this strategy, the Corporation builds and acquires gas gathering and processing infrastructure on behalf of, or from, producers wishing to redeploy capital to exploration and production activities, rather than to non-core activities such as midstream services. AltaGas seeks to move natural gas and NGL to key markets, including Asia. AltaGas is uniquely positioned to deliver higher netbacks to producers for NGL by establishing a western energy hub in northeast British Columbia, through the Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal currently under construction, and through its ownership interest in Petrogas and the Ferndale Terminal.

AltaGas believes that energy market diversification is critical for the Canadian energy sector. Investing in infrastructure for export outside of North America provides an opportunity for Canadian producers to align the vast supply of NGL and natural gas reserves with the growing demand from Asia. With the construction of the Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal, AltaGas will be in a position to provide multiple outlets for producers to deliver their products to the highest value markets.

The Power segment is focused on building, owning, and operating a diversified portfolio of clean energy assets that reduce the Corporation’s carbon footprint and on meeting North America's demand for clean energy. There is a particular focus on increasingly cost competitive renewables and complimentary critical load balancing infrastructure across North America, as significant base load nuclear and coal-fired power generation is expected to be decommissioned over the next decade. AltaGas is well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

In the Utilities segment, the Corporation is focused on finding innovative ways to continue to safely and reliably deliver clean and affordable natural gas to more customers. AltaGas focuses on growing rate base through adding customers, including serving power plants within service jurisdictions, and improving and upgrading existing infrastructure to meet increased residential and commercial demand. The Corporation also seeks to execute strategic utility acquisitions and dispositions when opportunities arise.

Integral to AltaGas’ strategy is maintaining financial strength and flexibility, an investment grade credit rating, and ready access to capital markets.