AltaGas adheres to a strong set of core values, which reinforce its commitment to integrating sustainability fundamentals into every aspect of the business. AltaGas recognizes the broad range of stakeholders that are reached through its operations, and is focused on owning and operating assets that provide clean and affordable energy to its customers. As the Corporation continues to evolve and expand its diversified energy assets, AltaGas will continue to operate in a safe, reliable manner, while working closely with governments, regulatory agencies and stakeholders to maintain positive relationships. By balancing economic priorities with AltaGas’ social and environmental values, AltaGas believes it can help meet the growing global demand for clean energy, while continuing to deliver sustainable benefits to its shareholders.

AltaGas is committed to:

  • Operating our business with the highest regard for the safety of employees, contractors and stakeholders;
  • Protecting the environment and minimizing our impact;
  • Building long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships with Indigenous Peoples;
  • Working closely with governments and regulatory agencies to help meet long-term project sustainability; and
  • Investing in communities through employment opportunities, funding for non-profits and initiatives that help build communities.


AltaGas has participated in the CDP (formerly called the Carbon Disclosure Project) since 2010. The CDP is an international, independent, not-for-profit organization that maintains a global disclosure system enabling companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts.

In 2018, AltaGas was recognized again for taking coordinated action on climate change issues by CDP and obtained a score of B (Management). Companies at the Management level are taking further steps to effectively reduce emissions, indicating more advanced environmental stewardship.