How We Give

To ensure that we support those organizations most in need, and whose values most closely reflect our own, requests for support, financial or otherwise, are carefully evaluated using the following guidelines:

Funding Categories:

Healthy and Safe Communities

  • Hospitals, public health centres, social services
  • Fire and rescue, ambulance and police departments
  • Health-based charities at the local, community level
  • Community agricultural events
  • Amateur athletic and athletic development programs and organizations
  • Endeavors in the performing and visual arts, especially those combined with education and those tied to environment, health and/or safety
  • Organizations promoting good citizenship, social responsibility and community quality of life
  • Organizations dedicated to alleviating community social issues such as homeless shelters, women’s shelters, food banks and youth services, etc.

Bright Futures

  • Universities, colleges, libraries and local schools
  • Scholarships
  • Award sponsorship
  • Curriculum enriching education programs
  • Community-based learning initiatives

Environmental Champions

  • Organizations and projects that focus on environmental protection or conservation
  • Community-based environmental initiatives
  • Educational programming focused on environmental protection and/or conservation

Selection criteria:

  • Support one of the three categories for community investment (Healthy and Safe Communities, Bright Futures or Environmental Champions)
  • Based in the communities where AltaGas operates
  • Registered charity or an established not-for-profit community organization
  • Causes and community programs that are of greatest significance to the community in which AltaGas operates
  • Programs that provide long-term positive results and benefits

Ineligible Organizations:

  • Organizations located outside of the regions where AltaGas operates
  • Organizations that discriminate
  • Individuals
  • Religious organizations
  • Political organizations or events
  • Service or fraternal clubs
  • Advocacy and lobbying initiatives
  • Gala events (with exception of silent auction items)
  • Travel for individuals or groups
  • Golf tournaments unless all the funding requested goes directly to a charitable organization
  • Employees’ children’s activities including: sports activities, teams, and tournaments, and arts related classes and competitions unless the employee is eligible for the Employee Volunteer Incentive Program based on their personal volunteer contributions.
  • Trips, tours or conferences* (AltaGas may support requests or initiatives in less-densely populated areas where AltaGas operates)
  • National appeals
  • Programs funded by the United Way* (may support programs at organizations that receive funding if the United Way funding is for a different program(s))
  • Advertising, memberships, ticket sales or lotteries
  • Mass mail, telephone or other paid solicitation methods through a third-party fund raiser
  • Mass mailed or non-addressed solicitations

To submit a request for donation or sponsorship, see the Community Investment Application Form.

For further information, please contact: