Alberta Natural Gas Plans

Open Plan

Ideal for businesses uncertain of future market conditions, have unpredictable consumption patterns, or are hesitant about committing to a long term fixed price contract. Prices are set by the AECO Daily Spot Market Price.

  • Option to select a fixed price plan at any time with no penalties
  • Move into a customized arrangement at any time
  • Suitable if you are waiting for the right market conditions
  • Flexible terms

Variable Fixed Plan

Ideal for businesses that want both budget stability and rewards of remaining a portion of consumption volume open to Daily Spot Market Price. Volume and price risk are managed by fixing the price for a portion of volume consumed on a monthly basis. The remainder is purchased at the Daily Spot Market Price and if the entire fixed amount is not used, it is sold and the customer receives credit in their calendar monthly invoice.

  • Stable monthly natural gas unit costs
  • Accurate budgeting of your costs over contract term
  • Reduces the amount of risk exposure to the market
  • Access to wholesale pricing

Energy Bulk Purchase Program

AltaGas is the industry leader in developing bulk purchase programs on behalf of aggregated business partners. Programs can be customized to maximize the benefit for the individual members.

  • Smaller volumes become part of a larger volume group bulk purchase
  • Better pricing on bulk purchases
  • Benefit from price savings
  • Contract for both electricity and natural gas
  • Stabilize budget for the length of the term
  • Exceptional service for aggregate groups including customized partner invoice solutions
  • Convenient calendar month billing (Billing validation and consolidated billing)

General and Billing Inquiries
Toll Free Phone: 1.877.472.2600 (Non-residential Clients)
Toll Free Fax: 1.866.397.1646

Compliance Plan & Code of Conduct Requirements

All customers are free to purchase natural gas services from the default supply provider or from a retailer of their choice and to purchase electricity services from the regulated rate provider or from a retailer of their choice. The delivery of natural gas and electricity to you is not affected by your choice. If you change who you purchase natural gas services or electricity services from, you will continue receiving natural gas and electricity from the distribution company in your service area. For a current list of retailers you may choose from, visit or call 310.4822 (toll-free in Alberta).