Policies and Procedures

The methods we use to achieve our business targets are as important as the business targets themselves. AltaGas' governance policies and procedures provide a solid framework for conducting our business activities with the highest ethical standards.

Compliance Plan & Code of Conduct Requirements

As an Affiliated Provider, AltaGas is subject to the Code of Conduct Regulation. A copy of the Code of Conduct Regulation and the AltaGas Compliance Plan are posted at www.altagas.ca. Questions, comments, complaints, or alleged contraventions of AltaGas’ compliance with the Compliance Plan or Code of Conduct Regulation can be directed to the Compliance Officer, by calling 403.691.7575 or emailing compliance.officer@altagas.ca. Complaints relating to alleged contraventions of the Compliance Plan or Code of Conduct Regulation can also be made to either the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), or the Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) who are independent of AltaGas. The AUC can be reached by calling 780.427.4903, or by emailing consumer-relations@auc.ab.ca. The MSA can be reached by calling 403.705.3181, or by emailing compliance@albertamsa.ca.

Diversity Policy

The AltaGas Diversity Policy states, “AltaGas policies, procedures and practices will be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including human rights legislation. AltaGas supports the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.