Energy Services

Energy Services

The Energy Services segment consists of two main components: arranging gas and power supply for non-residential end-users; and a gas services business buying and reselling energy (natural gas & electricity), transportation and storage. AltaGas' Energy Services segment:

  • Offers proactive management of gas and electricity costs in volatile energy markets across Canada
  • Brings together buyers and sellers of gas, transportation and storage, earning locked-in margins on a portfolio of back-to-back contracts.
  • Adds value across AltaGas' business segments by managing gas supply for Power Generation for its gas-fired peaking assets, marketing produced electricity, marketing natural gas on behalf of Field Gathering and Processing producers, and arranging gas supplies through AltaGas' Empress extraction plants to increase throughput at those plants.
  • Has more than 1,200 energy contracts with customers across Canada.

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